Environmental Solutions

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Did you know that print is responsible?

Just 11% of the world’s forests are used for paper, and in the U.S. the wood used to produce paper increasingly comes from certified forests. From sustainable forests to the renewable nature of trees and the recyclability of paper, the print and paper industries have a positive environmental story to tell—one in which print on paper and healthy forests thrive together.

Chromagraphics is a friend to our environment. We are committed to respecting and protecting our environment by doing our part to ensure sustainable and responsible environmental stewardship. Our Eco-Friendly practices include:

  • Chromagraphics has Invested in new equipment with more energy efficiency and lower VOC’s.
  • Chromagraphics uses alcohol-free fountain solutions on press.
  • Chromagraphics uses vegetable-based inks, which are less harmful to the environment than petroleum-based alternatives.
  • 100% of our paper trimmings and make-ready sheets are recycled weekly.
  • Chromagraphics gets continued education through the Alameda County “green printer” program.

Be part of the environmental solution by choosing Chromagraphics as your printer and by requesting FSC certified paper.

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