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Chromagraphics has been independently owned and operated since 1984. We opened our first facility in June 1984 in Livermore, California. At that time, we were the first printer in the Tri-Valley area that had offset press (30”) capabilities. Due to our fast growth, we relocated to Pleasanton, California in 1986.

The print industry has seen a lot of change. Gone are the days of …

  • Stripping on a light table with mylar and tape
  • Artwork provided on artboards with overlays for each color
  • Shooting each overlay to film then burning onto a plate
  • Producing a blue-line proof or color-key proof for color accuracy

Since the turn of the 21st century, the printing industry has taken a quantum leap forward. Digital printing technology matured in the early 2000s and gradually started to replace other printing techniques. There was an important transition from the traditional “copy” machine of the 90s and early 2000s to an emphasis on digital documents. One of the necessary intermediate steps moving into this hybrid solution was the technology that allows access to digitally managed documents and on-demand services…boy have things changed!

What hasn’t changed at Chromagraphics is the individual attention of experienced craftsmen dedicated to producing quality printing – every day, every job. Offset printing has been our first love, but when we see a need, we fill it. Over time, Chromagraphics has evolved to include Digital Print, On-Demand Print, Data Processing, Design, and Fulfillment services. As the needs of our clients change, Chromagraphics will continue to grow.

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