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In 2024, Pantone Color of the Year turns 25.

Through the years the Pantone Color of the Year program has become a globally iconic cultural touchstone, capturing the imagination of so many designers, brands, and consumers.

As we celebrate the 25th year of the Pantone Color of the Year program and the fundamental role color plays in our shared human experience, it is the hope that you have been inspired to look at color in a different way.

How does the selection process work?

The Pantone Color of the Year selection process entails thoughtful consideration and trend analysis. It is a culmination of the macro-level color trend forecasting and research that the global team involved with the Pantone Color Institute conducts year-round that informs this selection, as well as the colors that get included into the color trend forecasting products.

Why is Pantone Color of the Year important?

The goal of the program is to help companies and consumers better understand the power color can have. To highlight color’s role as a silent language to teach them how to leverage color’s power and expressiveness to influence perception — whether it be to create a more successful design strategy that will increase consumer engagement, or to better showcase your own personal identity. Color is our most important powerful communication tool. It is the first thing we see and the first thing we connect to. It is a visual language we all understand.