October 2023

Flyers are relatively affordable to print and can be distributed quickly with little effort. Chromagraphics can help customize your flyer design to make it eye-catching and memorable. The right design and message can drive a lot of attention to your business or event.

A flyer is a small handout generally around 5.5×8.5 not larger than 8.5×11 that spreads the word about your business. It’s a low-cost and creative way to reach new customers and increase brand awareness. If you’re looking for creative ways to distribute them, Chromagraphics has the answer.

Here are several creative ways that can help put your flyer in the hands of potential customers, so your message is seen.

  1. Person-to-Person
  2. Business-to-Business
  3. Direct Mail Marketing
  4. Sales Sheet Distribution
  5. Social Media Distribution
  6. Event Distribution

Chromagraphics can help you get creative. Our competitive pricing makes us the perfect fit for your next flyer project. Give us a call at 925.453.1742, we will help you create and print a flyer that will get your business noticed.