September 2023

The pandemic had a significant impact on the paper industry with short-term and long-term mill closures and reduced workforce. Transportation issues with freight shortages and increased freight costs. Energy and fuel costs went up adding to the increase of paper prices.

The paper mills are realizing their new-found ability to raise prices — sometimes raising prices without notice — even on orders that have already been placed. This is something we’re dealing with daily.

Please understand that we don’t set the prices or delivery times for paper. We are merely reflecting the situation in the marketplace.

When planning your next print project stay in contact with us, give us a four-week window for your upcoming project. We can look at paper alternatives if the exact paper you want is unavailable. Once we agree on an alternative that works for you, we advise ordering it quickly while it’s still available. Many paper suppliers won’t hold the paper while you decide because of high demand, don’t miss your chance to get what you need.

While there’s no sign of change to this current situation, we will get through this together. Please let us know what we can do for you. We are here to help!